(Hi, it's me!) 

Kate Scott Photography is an independent, women and queer-owned business run by an industry professional with years of experience.

I'm currently rocking hot pink hair, so I'm easy to find on photoshoots!

Frequently asked questions

Can you tell me more about yourself?
Heck yes. I totally believe it’s important that you not only know your photographer’s style, but also their personality!
I was born and raised in the Chicago suburbs (La Grange) and have lived in the city for over 10 years. I have a Masters in Education and used to be a middle/high school English & Lit teacher. I’ve been with my husband, James, for 14 years, and we have an old and hella sassy cat, Margo.
I can quote The Simpsons on command (only the good seasons, duh). I have a few pretty rad tattoos (I’ll cover them up for your wedding but feel free to ask if you wanna see ‘em!), and I usually have bright pink or purple hair. I play a ton of video games like Borderlands 2 and the Persona series, and I have a super cute island in Animal Crossing. I love noodles, naps, manatees, Bob’s Burgers, and midcentury décor.

What can I expect if I want to book a session with you?
First of all, thank you so much for reaching out to talk to me! I want to make sure that whatever you need, I am the perfect fit. To start, please fill out a form on my Contact page, and I will respond within 24-48 hours.
When I respond, I will probably ask a few additional questions (what is your budget? Are you looking for a videographer and/or second shooter?), and we will go from there. Once we connect over email, I’m always available to talk over the phone or through text.
That’s the benefit of working with me: I run my own business, so you will always talk to me, and you will always work with me.

Do you photograph queer/religious/non-traditional weddings and portrait sessions?
YES, YES YES. As a queer person myself, I want everyone to feel completely comfortable and happy with their photographer. I will do everything in my power to make you feel completely at ease, whatever the circumstances. I have shot multicultural weddings, and I do my research before your big day to make sure I capture every aspect of what’s important to you and your culture.

What kind of portrait sessions can I book with you?
One of my goals in 2021 is to create more artistic and intimate portraits for clients, and this includes boudoir and couples’ portrait sessions. As of now, I will not be offering nude sessions for cis males, but I would love to shoot boudoir sessions with women and queer couples.

What are your rates?
Please view my Rates & Shop page for additional information, but know that I am flexible on pricing and would love to work with you on a custom quote.

What precautions have you been taking regarding COVID-19?
I take COVID very seriously and have been strictly following social distancing and health guidelines. I have been fully vaccinated, and I photograph people from 6 feet away and wear double masks during shoots, whether indoor or outdoor (one medical mask + one cotton mask). I will not photograph any clients if I am feeling sick, and I ask that you do the same. If you do feel sick and are worried about rescheduling on short notice, I will be waiving any rescheduling fees for the foreseeable future. Please visit the website at the bottom of my page for information on free COVID testing sites.

How long until I can see my photos?
Once we shoot together, it will take me some time to send you all of your edited photos, as I edit and create your custom online album myself! Please refer below for approximate wait times:
• Portraits, proposal, engagement session: 7-10 days
• Family, maternity, baby/bridal shower: 10 days
• Event/marketing photos; 10-14 days
•Wedding: Approximately 4-5 weeks
I am more than happy to offer 2-4 digital photos of our session, regardless of what type, within a few business days. 

Select list of past and present clients:

Anderson Music Studio | Andrew W.K. | Art in Motion | Chicago Metropolitan Sports Association | Chicago Sun-Times | Chicago Theological Seminary | CS Recruiting | DishRoulette | Half Acre | Jazz Institute of Chicago | Jason Messinger Art | Kate Waddell Real Estate | Lake Shore Drive-In | Lincoln Common | Little Kids Rock | Modelo | Press Coffee Bar | Proven IT | RAW Artists Chicago | Rebuilding Exchange | Restless Digital | Substream Magazine | Summerfest | Time Out Chicago | Threadles | Urban Athlete | Urban Rivers | Zane Lowe

House Photographer:
Concord Music Hall | Lake Shore Drive-In | Metro Chicago | React Presents