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AJ & Lital at Chicago Firehouse

We love a nontraditional, intimate queer wedding, filled with the couple’s dearest family and friends!


When AJ and Lital reached out to me, they made it clear that they were having a very nontraditional wedding. They wouldn’t be having a first dance, nor would either of them be wearing white. Instead, they wanted to focus celebrating their love in the company of their friends and family. I’m a sucker for nontraditional weddings, and I am an even bigger fan of queer weddings! So, of course, this was a dream wedding for me. The two decided to get hitched and The Chicago Firehouse Restaurant in a private room upstairs. In addition to amazing food, the room also offered us exclusive access to the outdoor terrace. I was super excited to capture some night portraits of the couple!

The couple kept their ceremony short and sweet. One of their closest friends officiated, and friends and family were invited to participate in readings. After the ceremony, it was time to party! The couple emphasized how important dinner was to their wedding. Chicago Firehouse had the most delicious food! Lital’s family came from Israel for their wedding, and their presence made Lital so happy! AJ surprised Lital during dinner with a video of her friends in Israel congratulating her on the marriage. Additionally, AJ’s parents gave lovely toasts, and Lital’s brother did the same in his native langauge.

After dinner, AJ and Lital went out on the terrace at the Chicago Firehouse for a moment alone. We set up some lights and took some of my favorite photos of the night. Both AJ and Lital were a little stressed planning their wedding (I mean, who isn’t?), so it was wonderful to see the two of them holding each other and laughing on a brisk night. After we took their portraits, we invited everyone in attendance outside for a big group photo! It’s rare that I’m able to get a photo of everyone at a wedding, so this was really exciting!

Thank you to Chicago Firehouse for the amazing hospitality and food, and hugs to AJ and Lital for being one of my favorite and most easygoing couples of the year!

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