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Tiff & Jes at Loft on Lake

We made the queer wedding of their dreams happen!


When you meet the love of your life during Covid, and they safely drop off toilet paper at your front door during quarantine, you know it’s true love. For Jes (they/them) and Tiff (she/her), this adorable act of kindness turned into a relationship that culminated into the most beautiful queer fall wedding at Loft on Lake. Before Jes and Tiff walked down the aisle, we met on the beach in Rogers Park in the summer for their engagement photos. This gave us the chance to relax and get to know each other better. I always suggest an engagement session to my couples, and many of my packages include a complimentary session! I learned through our summer session that Jes was a little bit shy in front of the camera (which is totally normal!) By the time I met the couple again in November, I knew how to work with them to make sure they felt great in front of the camera.

Jes and Tiff’s engagement session!

The couple had their first look at the Hilton Garden Inn in the Loop in their moody, velvety lounge. Tiffany wore a stunning white gown with a crystal crown, while Jes donned a slick three-piece suit, complete with little details of the couple’s cats on their suit coat. Both smiled so wide as they saw each other in their outfits for the first time. The couple’s flowers and wedding party outfits perfectly reflected the autumn leaves outside. (side note: I am a sucker for unique wedding party outfits with the same color palette) After their first look, it was off to Loft on Lake in the West Loop for portraits!

One of my favorite things about Loft on Lake is the inclusiveness of the venue. The ceremony, reception, and late night afterparty are all in the same beautiful space. As guests walked in, they were asked to take the couple’s wedding rings and bless them with love and positivity. Jes and Tiff wanted to keep their ceremony short and sweet, but they added lots of personal touches. The couple bucked gender norms, which I freaking LOVE. Tiffany referred to herself as the husband, while Jes wore sweatpants on the dance floor which read “Tiffany’s wife”! They exchanged their own vows, reciting their love for their family as well as their chosen queer family and friends. After they made it official, Jes and Tiff jumped the broom to pay tribute to Black ancestors who were unable to wed in the States in the 1800s.

Immediately after their ceremony, the three of us went outside to capture some golden hour portraits. There was a visible moment of relaxation between the two as they held hands and kissed outside Loft on Lake. Couples are often most nervous before the ceremony, so I often encourage them to take some time to themselves before diving into cocktail hour. The rest of the night was a big party! Jes and Tiff had their first dance before dinner then invited everyone to get down after food had been served. The best part? The couple had a wedding cake from Jennivee’s Bakery, complete with tiny candy toilet paper rolls on top!

Loft on Lake is one of my favorite West Loop venues next to Bottom Lounge (also, it’s literally next to Bottom Lounge!) It’s the perfect space for a warm, modern ceremony, with a giant skylight and lots of natural light. Jes and Tiffany’s queer and nontraditional wedding was the perfect fit for Loft on Lake, and I loved every minute of my time with them!

Venue: Loft on Lake // Hotel: Hilton // Dessert: Jennivee’s Bakery // Dress: Jenny Yoo // Shoes: Converse

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