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Alyssa & Roland in Pilsen

This Chicago couple wanted an engagement session in their neighborhood to celebrate their love of the city!

Alyssa and Roland Lo Rez Brewing Engagement Session Pilsen


When Roland and Alyssa reached out to me for an engagement session, I was super excited to hear what they had in mind! The couple will be getting married this October in New Orleans, but they wanted to capture photos in the city beforehand. They’ve lived in Pilsen for years, so they wanted to visit their places around the neighborhood. We met at Lo Rez, one of their favorite breweries that’s only blocks from their apartment. Oh, and they brought Baci. Baci is their perfect dog, who I was OBSESSED with during our session! (Also, big thanks to Lo Rez for letting us take such gorgeous photos in their taproom!)

After they had some drinks at Lo Rez, we headed over to one of their favorite streets in Pilsen. It was a beautiful, cloudy day, and Baci seemed more than excited to take a walk around the neighborhood. Roland and Alyssa have lived in Pilsen for years, and they wanted to take these photos somewhere special. The bright colors of Pilsen made for the perfect backdrop!

Next, we walked down to the train tracks on 16th Street. This spot holds a lot of love for Alyssa and Roland, and we made sure to really take our time here. Roland even made a special “Save the Date” necklace for Baci to wear! It was a wooden Fleur-de-lis in honor of their upcoming wedding in New Orleans, and Baci modeled it like a pro!

Finally, we wrapped up our session in front of a beautiful painted home! The bright colors really fit the vibes of the day, and we managed to sneak in a few more photos with Baci too. Thank you to Alyssa and Roland for such a beautiful afternoon. I can’t wait to see your photos from your New Orleans wedding!

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