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Brandon & Nicolette at Buckingham Fountain

Brandon pulled out all the stops to propose to Nicolette in front of one of the most iconic spots in Chicago!

Buckingham Proposal Chicago


Is there anything more “Chicago” than a summer evening proposal in front of Buckingham Fountain? Brandon knew he wanted to make his proposal to Nicolette as memorable as possible. He enlisted the help of his sister and family to make sure everything was perfect. I arrived to Buckingham Fountain early to capture the scene before Nicolette arrived, and I was floored at how much thought went into every detail. After taking everything in, I made sure to find the best spot to capture Nicolette’s face as she walked up the path from Lake Shore Drive.

As Nicolette and her family walked up from Lake Shore Drive, a huge crowd had gathered around the fountain. People cheered and clapped as she walked up to Brandon, and I couldn’t help but cheer alongside them! It was clear Nicolette wasn’t expecting such a grand gesture, but she beamed as she stood by her future fianc√©. When he got down one on knee, she started tearing up, and it was hard not to join her! After she said yes (of course she did), she was met with tons of hugs from all of her family and friends.

After we took photos with Brandon and Nicolette’s families, the three of us hopped in a pedicab. The couple were meeting everyone at a swanky restaurant in River North, but we wanted some more time to take photos. I let the two of them just take in the moment and quietly snapped pics. Nicolette was so elated to have some alone time with Brandon, she just closed her eyes and put her head on his chest. I have shot a ton of proposals, and this was one of the most memorable. Not only did I feel the love between Brandon and Nicolette, but also from their friends and family. I was so honored to be part of such a big, exciting moment in their lives!

Thank you Brandon and Nicolette for this amazing night, and congratulations!

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