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Emma & Liz’s proposal in the park

Your proposal should be as unique and perfect as your love; Liz and Emma’s engagement was such a perfect reflection of their love!


When Liz reached out to me to help her propose to her girlfriend, Emma, I was so excited! Not only do I love capturing proposals, and not only do I love capturing park proposals but I am also a sucker for queer engagements! Liz had everything figured out, down to the champagne and snacks. All I had to do was wait for this adorable couple to make their way to the picnic Liz and her friends had set up! My favorite part? Liz had framed the receipt from her and Emma’s first date! Tell me you wouldn’t cry if your partner had your first date receipt framed at your proposal, come on!

The second Liz got down on one knee, it was clear that Emma would say “yes”! The two kissed and exchanged rings, and Emma was completely surprised by Liz’s picnic. After they had their moment in private, I made myself known and happily took photos of the two of them, embracing and truly enjoying the moment. They popped open champagne, enjoyed their picnic, and neither of them could stop smiling the entire time. The spot that Liz chose in the park was perfectly framed by trees, flowers, and shrubs, making their picnic look like something out of a romantic movie!

Proposing to your partner doesn’t have to be a huge gesture; it can be something as sweet and intimate as a homemade picnic in the park. Liz knew exactly what Emma wanted, and with the help of her friends, she was able to create the most romantic moment for the two of them. It’s easy to see that these two are a perfect match! I was so honored to be able to capture this for them. Additionally, I was excited to pull out my film camera for a few of these shots! Thank you Emma and Liz!

Film developed by Bellows Film Lab

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