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Krista & Neil’s Courthouse Wedding

A courthouse wedding on a rainy day gave way to sunshine on the Blue Line!


One of my favorite things about a courthouse wedding is how easy everything is! You can invite a few close friends or family members, say your “I do’s” in front of a judge, and then you can celebrate however you want. You don’t need a venue, you don’t need a catering company, and you don’t need to have a huge budget. For Krista and Neil, this is exactly what they were looking for. The two will be having their big wedding in Cancun this year, but they wanted to make it official in their home city. We set aside an hour and a half to travel around the city and visit some of their favorite places. While the day started out chilly, neither of them cared. They were just so excited to be hitched!

We took photos at the courthouse, of course, then walked across the street to Daley Plaza to the iconic Picasso statue. Here’s a little photographer’s secret: we love cloudy weather! The lighting is soft and filtered, and if you add in some rain, it makes for incredibly romantic photos. As we walked across the street, Krista and Neil huddled under their umbrella, smiling the entire time. They couldn’t keep their eyes off each other, and I found myself feeling giddy from their excitement! Then, we drove over to Olive Park (one of my fave places, as you can tell), where the wind picked up and gave Krista a timeless, windswept look!

Krista and Neil had one request on their courthouse wedding day: take pictures on the Blue Line platform! Logan Square is their home, and it was super important to them that they capture such an iconic place in the city. One of my favorite things to do is take photos in motion-the couple stays perfectly still as the world moves around them. After all, what better place to capture this hectic yet peaceful feeling than on the Blue Line?

We took a few more photos on the platform, capturing the couples’ details and their very first dance overlooking the city skyline. Finally, we wrapped everything up outside their gorgeous house in Logan Square. A courthouse wedding can go by quickly. I am always grateful when a couple allows me to capture those whirlwind days. I was even able to shoot another wedding on this particular Friday! Thank you Krista and Neil for bringing me along on this chilly but sunny day!

Locations: Cook County Courthouse // Olive Park // CTA Blue Line Western Ave.

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