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Katie & Bryan at Home and Bungalow

Ceremony at home + reception at a brewery in Logan Square = the perfect small wedding!


Real talk: there are few things I love more than a home wedding. Having a small group of your friends and loved ones in the space that the two of you have made into your favorite place to hang out? It’s the best! For Katie, whom I’ve known for years through my job as a music journalist, and her partner Bryan, they knew they wanted something low key. Luckily for them, they have the perfect Chicago backyard. Friends and family gathered on a beautiful, warm October day, drinks in hand. The sun was shining, and both Katie and Bryan were so calm and happy. A home wedding just makes everything that much more chill!

The couple kept their ceremony short and sweet. One of their dearest friends officiated the event, while friends and family looked on. Then, the couple did something I’ve never seen before: they had their guests throw wildflower seeds! Those seeds would eventually grow in their backyard, sprouting up through the cracks in the concrete and in the tough Chicago grass. I can’t think of a more beautiful way to preserve your memories of your home wedding.

After family photos, Katie, Bryan, and I took some time to get portraits of just the two of them. Even at a small home wedding, I still love to make sure the couple gets some time to just be with each other. Well, in this case, we also made sure their perfect dogs got in on the action too!

The couple moved their home wedding to Bungalow by Middle Brow in Logan Square for their reception. The rustic vibes and outdoor fire pit fit the vibes perfectly! Guests had hot drinks, pizza fresh from the oven, and their choice of amazing beers from Middle Brow. Friends and family stayed long after the sun went down, simply enjoying each other’s company and celebrating Katie and Bryan’s amazing wedding day.

Reception Venue: Bungalow by Middle Brow // Film developed at Bellows Film Lab

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