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NA Day 2023 at Loft on Lake

Mocktails are entering a new era of delectability!


The sober community in Chicago is amazing. Chicago AF, a nonprofit group that brings sober people together for fun, exciting events, hosted NA (non-alcoholic) Day at Loft on Lake on a chilly January day. I was so excited to be able to capture this day for Chicago AF, and I loved trying different mocktails and drinks that I could recommend to my clients and friends!

Full disclosure: I consider myself to be a member of the sober/non-alcoholic community! I was super jazzed to be at an event with zero alcohol, amongst a group of people who were just as excited to try some delicious mocktails. One of my favorite drinks was the margherita made with Bare Zero Proof Reposado Style Tequila. The drink had a kick to it, which gave it that authentic flavor without being overwhelming or spicy. Mocktails have come such a long way, and no longer do we need to just order “virgin” versions of standard bar drinks. We get our own amazing drinks that everyone can enjoy!

Chicago AF isn’t just about sobriety-it’s about creating an inclusive space for people to socialize and make friends. I met people who were lifelong friends, parents with their adorable kids, and couples who had just started dating. Carrie N. May, the founder of Chicago AF and a recovery coach herself, created NA Day to line up with Dry January and encourage those who drink alcohol to try some tasty non-alcoholic drinks too.

Local and national vendors had their chance to showcase their drinks for NA Day goers. Visitor Beer is a Chicago-based beer with less than 0.5% ABV and genuinely tastes just as rich and flavorful as full alcoholic beers. Their formula is also less gluten-heavy than many beers, making it easier to digest for most folks. Lyre’s has a full line of non-alcoholic spirits and premade mocktails, with packaging that reminded me of old English liquor bottles (and they’re so freaking tasty). Their Espresso & Cola was so decadent, it felt like the perfect post-dinner drink.

There are so many amazing non-alcoholic drinks on the market, and it’s awesome to see sober people and drinkers alike expanding their horizons! Mocktails are literally for everyone, and that’s what makes this era of craft drink-making so exciting. These drinks are also super affordable, making them a great option to stock at bars on your wedding day. If you have any questions about these drinks or vendors, please ask me! Thank you to Chicago AF for hosting such an amazing event! I will be at their next big event in March, and I will definitely share more delicious drinks soon.

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