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Syd & Bailey at Sunrise

There is something truly special about being in love at 5am


I am so not a morning person. Period. But, when Syd and Bailey said they wanted to do a sunrise engagement session at sunrise on the lake, I set my alarm for 4:30am and didn’t need a single drop of caffeine to wake up. A sunrise engagement session is so perfect in Chicago. This is your motivation to get up early with me and take in the pinks and blues of the morning sky!

Syd and Bailey had a beautiful vision for their sunrise engagement session. They wanted to capture the natural warmth of their love and enjoy the lake to themselves. Sure enough, only some early risers and their dogs graced our presence that morning. We waited patiently for the sun to peek over the horizon, and the colors were heavenly.

Once the sun was up, Syd and Bailey changed into different outfits and we captured some of the most beautiful moments in the water. I was literally gasping during their entire session. There’s nothing more amazing as a photographer than knowing you got the shot, but it’s even better when you get that shot over and over again.

I truly cannot recommend a sunrise session enough. We can bring coffee and a little boombox with your favorite songs to keep you awake! This is one of the most memorable sessions I’ve had, and I would love to recreate this with you and your partner!

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