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Miriam & Eva at the Art Institute of Chicago

The artsy queer proposal of my dreams!

Art Institute Proposal


I’ve mentioned this before, but proposals are so exciting for me! You cannot repeat any moment-it’s the most candid, real reaction you will get from a couple, and you have to be 100% ready and prepared to capture the moment. It can get a little tricky when you’re proposing in a public space, and you have to worry about people walking in front of your proposal! But, for Miriam and Eva, their proposal in front of A Sunday on La Grande Jette at the Art Institute went perfectly. And yes, I teared up a little bit.

The Art Institute is one of the most iconic and beautiful places in Chicago, and a spot that held special meaning for the couple. Miriam wanted to make sure it wasn’t too crowded, so we planned the proposal early on the day after Thanksgiving. And, luckily, the crowds were pretty minimal! Eva was completely surprised when Miriam popped the question, and of course she said yes! We spend some time wandering the Art Institute, and when I tell you that these two were naturals in front of the camera, I mean it. You don’t have to be a model or even feel that comfortable posing to be a natural. You and your partner will look gorgeous just holding each other and kissing each other like you normally would. I promise: I will make sure you both look beautiful just being in each other’s presence!

The weather was especially nice for November, so we went outside to breathe in the morning air and snap some pics near the Zen Garden. The south garden of the Art Institute is so gorgeous, and while it wasn’t open on that Friday morning, we were still able to capture its beauty from the outside.

For their engagement, I also brought my film camera. I absolutely love the look and feel of film photos, and I love adding them to my sessions. These photos came out beautifully and deserve their own little shout out!

Thank you Miriam and Eva for trusting me with such a beautiful moment!

Venue: Art Institute of Chicago
Film: Kodak Portra 400
Developed by Bellows Film Lab

Copyright ©2016-present, all images are owned and copyrighted by Kate Scott Photography.